Choosing Multiple Implants Over Other Dental Restorative Options

Losing more than one tooth can impact oral health, appearance, and confidence. Consider replacing the missing teeth as soon as possible after the damage. Oral implants are a simple and permanent way to deal with missing teeth. It's possible to select oral implants, even when you have more than one tooth to replace. Here are a few things you should know about getting multiple implants for the gaps in your mouth. 

Comparing Them to Other Tooth Replacement Options

The dentist will offer you several ways to replace the missing teeth before settling on one. These include attaching dental bridges to enter the gaps between the missing teeth and dentures. The two methods are relatively effective. However, bridges have to attach to the neighboring teeth, and with time, they can cause massive damage. Dentures are uncomfortable, and it is common for them to lead to complications like gum inflammation and disease. The implants ensure that you can bite down on the tooth with enough pressure for correct chewing, which is impossible when you have gaps in your mouth. 

The Benefits of Getting Them

Getting multiple replacement tooth roots when you have several missing teeth improves your appetite. Once you get the prosthetics, you do not have to pass up your favorite foods because they're hard or chewy. The implants also eliminate the possibility that the pressure from chewing food will lead to the adjacent teeth shifting. The materials that dentists use to make prosthetics are biocompatible, meaning that the possibility your mouth will reject the implant is close to none. Finally, the replacement tooth roots are easy to maintain, and you can adequately care for them with simple practices like brushing regularly and following your dental appointments. 

The Installation Process and Timelines

Knowing what to expect during the tooth implantation surgery helps increase the chances of a speedy recovery. The first visit will be an assessment. The dentist assesses your missing teeth and takes X-rays of the teeth and gums. They aim to ensure you have a bone structure that can support the implant. The first surgery is to install a titanium root into the jawbone. When it heals, they attach the abutment and finally the crown. 

You should ask your dentist if you qualify for multiple teeth implants before choosing inferior tooth replacement procedures. Consult a competent tooth replacement expert and have them deal with the replacement process for the best outcome.

Make an appointment with a local dental office, such as Brandywine Dental Services Group, to learn more.

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