Aligners For Fixing Gaps & Crooked Teeth

Sometimes the only problem that prevents someone from having the perfect smile is that there are few gaps in their teeth. Another common concern that people have with their teeth is that they didn't grow in as straight as they would like them to be. Repairing such problems with teeth is actually easy for a dentist to do, and there are several ways to obtain satisfactory results. It is common for many people to get metal braces installed to fix crooked teeth or gaps in between them. However, you will learn in the content below why wearing aligners is a more satisfactory option than getting metal braces installed on your teeth.

How Does Aligners Work to Fix Teeth?

Aligners are able to straighten up crooked teeth and close gaps using a similar technique as metal braces. The aligners will basically work by putting pressure on your teeth to force them to change the position that they are in. Aligners will be customized for your mouth to ensure that the proper amount of pressure is placed on your teeth. With metal braces, the wires must be tightened up by a dentist as teeth begin to move, but aligners can simply be changed to one that fits more snugly. The amount of time that you must wear the aligners depends on the severity of the problem that you have with your teeth.

Are There Any Food Restrictions?

If you were to choose metal braces as the method for fixing your teeth, there would be a few food restrictions. For example, you might have to avoid eating foods that are too hard, such as apples, certain candies, and similar foods. However, if you wear aligners, you can eat whatever you desire no matter how hard the food might be. The reason why is because the aligners are removable and will not be worn while you are eating. When you are done eating, the aligners can easily be placed back in your mouth without you having to struggle in the process.

Will it Be Hard to Keep Teeth Clean?

Your teeth will not be any more difficult to clean with aligners than if you didn't have them. The reason why is because you can remove the aligners to brush your teeth. The only extra step will be for you to clean the aligners as well to prevent bacteria from building up in them. You can clean the aligners with a toothbrush, and doesn't take along time to complete the task. Speak with someone in your area about invisible braces in your area.

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