How To Survive Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery

If you have an upcoming wisdom tooth extraction surgery scheduled, you may be a bit worried about how to handle the recovery process. These tips are going to help get you through it.

Schedule Time Off Work

As much as you may think you can have your wisdom teeth removed and head right back into work, it's important that you schedule a few days off for your recovery. There is going to be swelling that you would rather not have other people see, and all you are going to want to do is rest and recover. Try to schedule a couple of days off of work or schedule your surgery on a Friday if possible to give you those few extra days where you are not working. Your body will thank you for it later. 

Have Gauze Ready

There will likely be a lot of bleeding from the extraction site after your surgery. However, you need to be prepared with more than just the gauze provided by your dentist when you leave their office. Plan to have extra gauze on hand so that you can swap them out when they become too saturated with blood. Having fresh gauze on hand is going to help make it easy to swap them out and absorb any new blood from the area.

Have Your Medications Ready

Chances are that you'll need some sort of medication after your wisdom tooth extraction surgery. If possible, ask your dentist if you can get the prescription ordered before your surgery. You'll want the prescription filled and ready to go in case you need it, rather than wait until you have problems and then get a prescription filled. For example, you may have a strong pain reliever that you are given, and when you need it you'll want the medication as soon as possible. 

Don't Exercise For Several Days

Are you the type of person that needs to go to the gym or has exercise equipment that you use at home? Now is a good excuse to take a break and skip those workouts. Exercise is going to get blood flowing and cause problems with the surgical site trying to heal. Take it easy and just relax by watching some TV because you don't want to get dry socket as a result of pushing yourself too hard and dislodging blood clots. 

Ask a dentist for more tips about surviving your dental extraction surgery. 

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