What To Know If You Are Worried About Dental X-Rays

Do you want to go to the dentist, but you are worried about having x-rays taken? While some people have concerns about the cost of x-rays or the discomfort that comes from taking them, concerns typically are about their safety. Know that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to dental x-rays, and these three reasons should make you feel more at ease.

X-Rays Use The Least Amount Of Radiation Necessary

The main reason many people are averse to having x-rays taken is because of the radiation that is required to take x-rays. Be aware that dental x-rays are designed to use the least amount of radiation possible in order for them to be effective. A dental x-ray is not going to require anywhere close to the same amount of radiation as a chest x-ray or a cat scan, with it being comparable to the amount of radiation you receive from watching television for an entire year. If you are not ready to give up television for your health, why would you decline a dental x-ray?

X-Rays Are Only Taken When Necessary

X-rays are not something that a dentist takes as a shortcut or to save time. They are only taken in situations where an x-ray is absolutely necessary. This is why x-rays are not typically taken at every visit, and full mouth x-rays are taken infrequently. The reason why a dentist needs to take an x-ray is that they are looking at problems that are not clinically visible while looking at your teeth. This means looking at the bone structure underneath your gums, signs of tooth decay or gum disease, and dental work that is leaking. 

X-Rays Prevent Larger Problems

In general, the benefit of taking an x-ray must outweigh the risk of not inspecting what is happening underneath the gums for a dentist to take it. A perfect example is if you were to have a metal filling that is leaking further into the tooth. A dentist won't be able to see this with their eyes but can see the material leaking into the tooth with an x-ray. They can then let you know that the best course of action is to remove the filling and material that has leaked into the tooth in order to save the tooth. This makes the benefit of using an x-ray outweigh the risk of not taking one since the treatment to fix the problem when it is visible will be more costly and painful.

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