Are X-Rays Really That Important In Dentistry?

A lot of people do not have dental insurance and often decide to either not go in for dental visits at all, or to skip certain steps during a routine checkup. One step people often decide to skip is the x-rays, as they do not think these are really that important. However, x-rays are important in dentistry, and here are some top things you should know about them as you prepare for your next dental checkup.

The purpose of x-rays

X-rays are extremely important in dentistry as they offer a view of things inside a person's mouth that the human eyes cannot see. X-rays offer a way for a dentist to see in between your teeth and inside your teeth. They also allow the dentist a way to see your jawbone and tooth roots. Without x-rays, dentists are limited to what they can see when performing a checkup inside your mouth, and this means that if you skip getting x-rays, you may not learn everything you need to know about what is going on inside your mouth.

The types of x-rays

There are several different types of x-rays used by dentists, but the most common type is one called a bitewing. A bitewing is something that shows multiple teeth in your mouth on one image. Your dentist will probably want to take bitewing images of your teeth once a year, and this will usually include taking around four different pictures. If the dentist sees a problem on the x-rays with a particular tooth, he or she may want to take another x-ray that captures this tooth only, as this offers a more in-depth view of the one tooth the dentist is questioning. Panoramic x-rays are also popular with dentists, as they show all the teeth on just one picture.

The benefits of getting x-rays

You can reap benefits by choosing to allow your dentist to take x-rays each year, and the main benefit is that you will be able to address small issues with your teeth and gums right now instead of allowing the problems to worsen over time. This will save you time, money, and trauma. These are all reasons you should consider getting x-rays as often as needed.

While you are free to skip dental visits if that's what you really want, you should understand that they serve a vital role in your oral health. Search for affordable dentistry options near you to get the x-rays or the other dental procedures that you need. 

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A lot of people do not have dental insurance and often decide to either not go in for dental visits at all, or to skip certain steps during a routine