Preserving Porcelain Veneers

After planning and saving for your porcelain veneers to be put on, getting them can feel great. Smiling more in photos and laughing without having to cover your mouth can be fantastic. However, without care, your porcelain veneers could one day become dull or stained. That can be surprising, as you might have thought that couldn't happen due to the porcelain material veneers are made of. Luckily, that doesn't need to happen; if you are mindful and consider these suggestions, veneers can remain white, strong and beautiful.

1- Use Straws

Straws can be a great tool if you've got veneers. That's because anytime you're drinking out of them, liquids aren't touching your teeth. This is good news if you drink a lot of tea, dark cola, wine or coffee, all of which can be particularly staining. Without straws, your beautiful veneers can be as stained as your real teeth.

2- Rinse

In cases where you don't have a straw with you, you can still protect your dental work. A quick swish or rinse with spring water or purified water will help wash away any staining liquids you may have consumed. Keep water with you so that rinsing is always a possibility.

3- Avoid Hard Substances

If you're excited to crush ice with your veneers, thinking that porcelain is a stronger substance than regular enamel, think again.  Even porcelain veneers can be damaged by repeated crushing of candy, ice, nuts and other tough substances. Be mindful of that and try not to chew ice too frequently.

4- Use Soft Bristles

Your own toothbrush might have come with bristles that are hard, or you may have no idea what sort of bristles you have.  It's important that you're always working with soft bristles when scrubbing veneers. Hard bristles can overly wear down veneers just as they do with natural teeth.

5- Care for Gums

Remember that even though your veneers are doing well, you still need to care for gums. Your gums may still become inflamed, red, sore and require attention. If you notice any of those occurrences, a dental visit is smart. Having unhealthy gums could affect the veneers adversely so remain aware of how they feel and look.

By following these suggestions, your veneers can last for years. Keep seeing your dentist and asking for information so that your day to day actions will encourage longevity. Your dental work should continue to be gorgeous and bright if you respect these details.  

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