Things You Should Know About Implants

Dental implants are a great way for you to replace any missing teeth you have, or ones that you will be having pulled. The reason dental implants are such a good choice for tooth replacement is they offer you a permanent solution that looks and feels just like real teeth. If dental implants are something you have been considering, then this article which explains what they are and the benefits of having them will be very informative. 

A dental implant can be combined with a bridge – Dental implants can be put in as single units, or they can be combined in a bridge. A bridge can be used to replace many teeth and to help correct issues with ones that are still in place, but that also need help due to breaks, chips or other issues.

A dental implant has different parts to it – A dental implant isn't just one single piece. It is comprised of a titanium post that gets fused to your jaw, a part that protrudes from your gum and a crown that gets attached to that piece.

There is the chance of rejection – Although extremely rare, there is the chance that your body may reject the dental implant. Any time you put a foreign object permanently into your body, there is the chance that your body will reject it. If you are at all concerned about this being a possibility, then you want to make sure you discuss this with your dentist.

You have to be a proper candidate to get implants – Since implants are fused to your jawbone, the jawbone needs to be stable enough to properly secure it. Your dentist will make sure your bone density is up to par, or work with you on improving it. They will also make sure there are no other health issues that will stand in your way.

Dental implants help keep the rest of your teeth and your facial structure healthier – When you go around with missing teeth, it can cause your other teeth to shift and give you a crooked looking smile and an off bite that can lead to headaches and other issues. Also, not replacing missing teeth can cause your face to fall and appear sunken in certain areas. Having implants put in can help prevent these issues from happening. Dental implants also make other things, like eating and speaking easier. Plus, they give you back a smile that you won't have to be self conscious of.

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