Breastfeeding Mothers: Reasons For Getting A Teeth Whitening Procedure After Six Months

Mothers that chose to breastfeed understand how much work goes into producing milk, nursing a child, and keeping up with their needs on a daily basis. It's easy for a mother to forget to take care of their own needs and one of them is their teeth. After months of breastfeeding, a teeth whitening appointment may be just what a mother needs to get their smile back and eliminate some of the stains that may have formed. There are three reasons for this and ways that a whitening procedure can really help.

Caffeinated Drinks

A mother that breastfeeds may find that they are up at all hours of the night to care for the child. To help with this process, a mother may increase their caffeine intake. Caffeinated drinks like coffee or soda can stain teeth and cause discoloration over time. Instead of giving up on the needed energy boost, a mother can chose to get their teeth whitening. A whitening procedure can help eliminate stains caused by these drinks and give them back a shiny bright smile.

Lactation Products

When a mother breastfeeds, it's important to have a full supply that can nourish the baby all the time. To help keep this supply up, a mother may rely on a number of food and drink products. This includes teas and cookies. Those types of products can cause mouth stains over time, especially if the use is increased during the first months after the baby is born. While using these products, a whitening treatment can help prevent stains, especially ones that are caused by teas. Teas are known for their staining and whitening will fully eliminate all of these visible stains.

Missing Cleanings

During a baby's first months, there is a lot of work. During this time, it's easy for a mother to miss a few brushing sessions here and there. When this occurs, you may notice that some stains are starting to form in the mouth. To help get a jump start on a healthy smile routine, you have the ability to make a whitening appointment. It will give you the confidence boost that you need and really encourage to keep your dental routine up every day of the week.

Once you get your first whitening done, you can get another done around the time the baby turns one year old. This will help boost your smile even further. A dentist can explain the process and help set you up with an appointment. For more information, visit a website like

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