3 Cosmetic Issues Dental Bonding Can Fix for an Affordable Price

If you have any types of tooth problems that are causing your teeth and smile to look bad, a cosmetic dentist might be able to fix them affordably with a process called dental bonding. Dental bonding is a material that can be placed on teeth to change the shape, size, and appearance of the teeth. It is easy to work with and can be used to fix the following problems with teeth.


While teeth are extremely hard and durable, they are not chip-proof. In other words, extreme trauma can cause a chip to a tooth, and having a chipped tooth can look bad. If you have a tooth that is chipped, a dentist can fix it with several methods. A porcelain veneer is one option, but this may cost between $735 to $1,390 for just one tooth. On the other hand, the tooth could be fixed through dental bonding, and this will cost between $100 to $400 for the tooth.


Another common use for dental bonding is for fixing gaps in teeth. Dental bonding is like a putty that can be placed on teeth, and it can be tinted to match the rest of your teeth. When used to fix a gap, a dentist must place the material on the two teeth next to the gap. The goal is to make the teeth wider by adding enough bonding to each tooth. When this process is complete, your gap will be gone. Because this process involves two teeth, you may have to pay for the bonding on each tooth, which means you would spend about double for this procedure.

Short Teeth

If you were a tooth-grinder at any point in your life, your teeth may be shorter than they should be. Tooth-grinding can wear away teeth leaving them like this, but teeth can also wear away from other habits and things too. If your teeth appear too short, talking to your dentist about bonding is a great idea.

Bonding is perfect for extending the length of teeth, and it is done simply by adding the material to the teeth. The dentist must then shave and polish them down to the desired length, and this will leave you with teeth that are longer and that look nice.

Dental bonding is one of the most affordable and versatile dental procedures available, and it is ideal for many types of cosmetic issues. To find out if this is a good option for your tooth problems, talk to a cosmetic dentist today.

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