Thanksgiving Celebrations: 4 Reasons To Choose Invisalign Braces Before The Big Holiday

One of the greatest meals you will have each year is a Thanksgiving feast. Many families plan these meals for weeks ahead of time and put a lot into cooking or choosing recipes. Having dental changes to your mouth can hinder your ability to enjoy this meal and the holiday as a whole. If you're an adult seeking changes to your smile and mouth, then you must also consider upcoming events like a Thanksgiving celebration. A mouth correction option like adult Invisalign braces can come with many advantages and allow you to celebrate Thanksgiving like you normally do. There are many advantages to choosing these braces over traditional metal ones. Understanding the different benefits can help you plan treatments around the holidays and select the best options that allow you to celebrate in style.

Eating the Thanksgiving Meal

If you chose metal braces to correct your smile, then there are likely a lot of food restrictions to consider on Thanksgiving. Foods like carrots, hard breads, and turkey skin would not be able to be consumed with metal braces. When you choose Invisalign braces for an option, you can enjoy the freedom of eating anything during Thanksgiving. When wearing the clear mouth trays, they are removed for eating. This gives you the freedom to enjoy chewy foods and a lot of hard or crunchy Thanksgiving desserts like peanut brittle, pie crusts, and popcorn. Once your meal is complete, you can place the mouth trays back in and allow your tooth correction to resume.

Family Photos

Thanksgiving is a common time for families to gather together. Often, this may include family or relatives that you may not have seen for extended periods of time. Naturally, this means that a lot of family photos will be taken. As your teeth are being corrected, you may be self conscious as an adult with metal braces. By choosing Invisalign braces, you can happily smile and pose for pictures that will be shared and saved for numerous years. When taking group photos, the braces can be hardly seen in the mouth and will blend naturally with your smile. You can smile comfortably and not feel forced to keep your mouth shut when posing for pictures. If you need to, you can take out the braces for a few minutes while large family photos are taken.

Family Games

Playing family games is another Thanksgiving tradition that goes along with photos. Both board games and athletic games can be a problem when choosing metal braces. When the braces are first put in your mouth, it can adjust the way you speak. This can make it challenging to play a number of board games or group games like Trivial Pursuit. When playing physical games, you must also be aware of the metal braces in your mouth. A special mouth guard is typically purchased for braces to help protect the teeth from damage. When wearing clear braces, these issues are typically not a problem. Speaking changes are typically subtle and you can get used to the thin tray in your mouth. Contact sports are also allowed, making it easy to go out and play touch football, Wiffle ball, or basketball with your family.

Holiday Shopping & Comfort

Along with a Thanksgiving feast, many people go shopping after eating to take advantage of big deals and sales from multiple stores. Shopping comes with enough stress as it is, but that stress can increase even further if you're suffering through mouth pains. Metal braces are typically adjusted every 4 to 6 weeks. The tightening of the wires and bands can create a lot of pain in your mouth. This pain may make it uncomfortable to shop for extended amounts of time. Adjustments made to clear mouth trays do not come with pain that is as severe. This allows you to shop in comfort and get through multiple stores during Thanksgiving night and Black Friday morning.

Make an appointment with an orthodontist at a clinic like Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics to have your clear braces set up in the weeks prior to Thanksgiving. This will allow you to adjust and get used to them well before the holiday.

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